Are You Running? – Six Things I Learned About Trying to Run from Purpose


  1. Running Shoes On: Check
  2. Ready to Run: Check
  3. Running Route: Unknown

There’s a problem with this checklist, and it’s not the unknown running route.  It’s not a bad thing to run if you are exercising or training for a marathon.  (There are probably some other good reasons to run as well.)  However, it’s when you think about running or actually end up trying to run from where God is calling you to be that an issue arises.

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9 Things to Remember and Consider

Below are some things to remember and consider:

1. Be who God called you to be.  Each person has a different calling.

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Survey: Thoughts on 2017



Which of the following would you like to see continued into this new year from Purpose Over Fear?

  • Scripture Talk Mondays
  • Pep Talk Wednesdays
  • No Complaints Fridays (on Facebook and Twitter)
  • Sermon Summary Sundays (on Facebook and Twitter)

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Pep Talk Wednesday: Giving Thanks for 2016



Welcome back for Week 4 of Pep Talk Wednesdays! This week’s topic is about giving thanks for 2016.

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Pep Talk Wednesday: God is in Control

Welcome back for Week 3 of Pep Talk Wednesdays!  This week’s topic is: God is in Control.

Think about the following:

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Pep Talk Wednesday: Busyness

Welcome back for Week 2 of Pep Talk Wednesdays!  This week’s topic is busyness.

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Pep Talk Wednesday: Imperfectly Amazing

Today’s pep talk is about being imperfectly amazing.  So, here goes…

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Pep Talk Wednesdays – December 7, 2016 to December 28, 2016

Every Wednesday this month, check out and for a midweek pep talk.

See you soon!

Confidence…or Lack Thereof

This is a message to those who have ever been in a room, looked around, and felt that you were not good enough or qualified enough to be there.  This is a reminder for those who have ever felt unimportant, voiceless, and dismissed because someone tried to dismantle your confidence.  There is good news.

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What’s Holding You Back From Fully Walking In Your Purpose?


Dear Doubt,

I know that you want me to believe that I am not smart enough, ready, or able to handle where God has placed me. However, I’m writing to remind you of what you clearly forgot. I am a child of God. God created me with a purpose and it is God who orders my steps. God chose to place me where I am and God did so intentionally. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” How do I know? The Bible says it very clearly in Philippians 4:13. Also, God fully knows me (…my struggles, my strengths, etc.) and God still chose to place me where He placed me. Yes, imperfections and all.

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