Are You Running? – Six Things I Learned About Trying to Run from Purpose


  1. Running Shoes On: Check
  2. Ready to Run: Check
  3. Running Route: Unknown

There’s a problem with this checklist, and it’s not the unknown running route.  It’s not a bad thing to run if you are exercising or training for a marathon.  (There are probably some other good reasons to run as well.)  However, it’s when you think about running or actually end up trying to run from where God is calling you to be that an issue arises.

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Breaking a Routine is Brave


Lately there has been a lot of change in my life and in the lives of many of the people I love.  The change is good change.  The change is a deviation from a routine.

A routine often brings a sense of comfort.  You know what is likely to happen and how to deal with it. There are minimal surprises, if any. There is just predictability and repetition.  Things may get boring, but at least you know what is coming.  (At least that is what a routine may lead you to believe.)

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Priorities: God Predated Technology

Accidentally forgetting your phone one day can teach you so much about your priorities.  What you think you are going to do in a given day can easily be put on hold while you scramble to retrace your steps to find your phone.  You may or may not necessarily be concerned about missing texts, calls, or emails.  You just know that you always have your phone with you and right now you don’t have it.  Right now your phone is sitting somewhere that’s not with you.

Recently that was my life and my story.  I got to my destination and discovered that I didn’t have my phone with me.  In the midst of searching for my phone and trying to convince myself that I didn’t leave it behind, God flipped my perspective and reminded me that it was time to check my priorities.

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God Doesn’t Want You to Quit

quizoDisclaimer: If God is telling you to move or do something different, that is not the same thing as quitting.

To Quit. (My) Definition: To quit means to actively choose to attempt to step away from the very place God placed you and away from the very assignment God specifically gave to you without God’s approval of the move.  Further it is the attempt to give yourself your own reassignment absent God’s guidance and/or an attempt to walk in your own will instead of God’s will.

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How Bold Is Your Faith?

A while ago I tweeted the following:

Let your faith be as bold as your prayers. If you are praying for greater, you must also believe in greater. #GodCanDoIt #PurposeOverFear

Allow me to elaborate.

Sometimes we pray for something that we think is near impossible or perhaps we pray for something that feels unattainable based on our current situation.  While our prayers are asking for something greater, we unfortunately don’t always exercise the faith to back up what we are asking God.  We pray the words but allow our minds to simultaneously be preoccupied with doubt in God’s ability.  (Take some time to read James 1:5-6.)

Let the words you pray be the words you believe.
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