Testimony 2018 – Praise Before the Outcome


I know that 2018 just started, but I have a testimony.  God is amazing!  Something happened that should have brought me to (unhappy) tears.  I lost my purse.  I know that my purse and the items in it are just things.  I know that things can be replaced.  I know that there are bigger issues than me losing my purse.  However, I really want my purse and its contents back.  Where does the amazingness of God come in?  Well, keep reading.

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The Gideon Challenge: Reflection on God’s Intentionality in Your Life


Gideon was an unlikely leader.  He was in the middle of “threshing wheat in a winepress” to hide it from some folks (Judges 6:11) when an angel of the Lord called him a “mighty warrior” (NIV)/ “mighty man of valour” (KJV) in Judges 6:12.  That same angel also told Gideon that the Lord was with him.  Gideon’s response to all of this?  Questions.  The Lord responded with some “big picture” action items, but also reminded Gideon that He (the Lord) was with him.  Gideon’s response?  More questions and doubt.  Gideon even threw in some excuses.  Here God was calling him to be a leader in a battle, and Gideon’s excuse was that the people in his group were weak and he was the “least” in the family.  The Lord responded again stating that He was with Gideon and also gave Gideon a glimpse of what was going to happen…and it was major.  Gideon’s response? He asked the Lord to give him a sign to make sure it was really the Lord talking to him.  The Lord gave Gideon a sign and even gave him more information about what was to come – that Gideon wouldn’t die in all of this.  God told Gideon to do some more things in Judges 6:25-26.  Gideon’s response?  He did what God told him to do, but did it at night because he was afraid of his family and townspeople.  (Spoiler alert: The people found out it was Gideon who did it anyway.)  Gideon went on to ask the Lord for a few more signs.  The Lord gave him the signs.

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What’s On My List?: Books, Music, And Podcasts

We don’t know everything.  That can be pretty difficult to hear, but it’s an honest statement.  God knows all.  We fall short of being all-knowing.  The exciting part is that there is always room for us to grow and learn.

Below are some books that I’m in the process of reading (or just finished).  Also, I’ve listed some artists and podcasts that have pushed me to grow.  Perhaps the words, lyrics, and teachings will be meaningful to you.

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Beyond the Four Walls: What Do We Do With God Outside of Church Service?


On Sundays (or Saturdays) many venture to a building or a designated place to collectively worship and praise God.  We hear the preacher deliver a mighty sermon that leaves us inspired and encouraged to leave the four walls of the building ready to make a change in our lives, and ready to share the goodness of God with others.  However, we walk outside of those four walls and sometimes fall back into our same habits and routines.  The inspiration we received from the sermon sometimes takes a backseat.  We meant to tell others about the sermon we heard and apply the sermon to our lives at least for the week, but didn’t necessarily take the time to do so.

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Are You Running? – Six Things I Learned About Trying to Run from Purpose


  1. Running Shoes On: Check
  2. Ready to Run: Check
  3. Running Route: Unknown

There’s a problem with this checklist, and it’s not the unknown running route.  It’s not a bad thing to run if you are exercising or training for a marathon.  (There are probably some other good reasons to run as well.)  However, it’s when you think about running or actually end up trying to run from where God is calling you to be that an issue arises.

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