Reminder for Those “You Don’t Know” Situations

Have you ever had that “you don’t know” feeling? (As in you don’t know how God is going to work something out. You have no idea…no guesses…no clue.) Perhaps you’ve had those situations where you don’t know how God is going to make the crumbs around you into a meal (literally and figuratively). I’m talking those times where you know God can do anything, but you almost want to tell God “good luck” because from your view, the situation you’re in is really going to take a miracle or require God to make something out of nothing.

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What’s On My List?: Books, Music, And Podcasts

We don’t know everything.  That can be pretty difficult to hear, but it’s an honest statement.  God knows all.  We fall short of being all-knowing.  The exciting part is that there is always room for us to grow and learn.

Below are some books that I’m in the process of reading (or just finished).  Also, I’ve listed some artists and podcasts that have pushed me to grow.  Perhaps the words, lyrics, and teachings will be meaningful to you.

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Beyond the Four Walls: What Do We Do With God Outside of Church Service?


On Sundays (or Saturdays) many venture to a building or a designated place to collectively worship and praise God.  We hear the preacher deliver a mighty sermon that leaves us inspired and encouraged to leave the four walls of the building ready to make a change in our lives, and ready to share the goodness of God with others.  However, we walk outside of those four walls and sometimes fall back into our same habits and routines.  The inspiration we received from the sermon sometimes takes a backseat.  We meant to tell others about the sermon we heard and apply the sermon to our lives at least for the week, but didn’t necessarily take the time to do so.

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7 Thoughts on Addressing Stress


Who has ever experienced overwhelming stress?  You can’t see me, but both of my hands are all the way in the air.  Stress isn’t healthy.  Stress isn’t fun.  Stress isn’t the ideal way to live.  It can impact the decisions you make and the mood you are in.

After many, many years, I still have no magic formula for eliminating stress in life.  Sitting on a beach seems to be as close as I have gotten.  However, I do have a few thoughts on how to address stress that are based on lessons I learned.  Seven of these thoughts are below. Continue reading

Summer Reading: (Un)qualified by Steven Furtick

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I love to read.  Honestly summer reading, autumn/fall reading, winter reading, and spring reading are all the best times to read.  Regardless of the season, I am always looking for books that are new (to me) to read.

Last month I ordered a copy of Pastor Steven Furtick’s book, “(Un)qualified: How God Uses Broken People To Do Big Things.”  Two highlighters and one pen later, I finished the book.  I highlighted, underlined, and marked up every part of this book.  I wrote notes, reminders, scriptures, drew connections to prayers, jotted down questions, and identified matters I want to look more into.  You could say that my book now looks like a piece of artwork or at least a creative expression of thoughts.  My book is all marked up.  Why?  Because “(Un)qualified” is not the kind of book you just read and then put back on a shelf.

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