Pep Talk Wednesday: Imperfectly Amazing

Today’s pep talk is about being imperfectly amazing.  So, here goes…

Perfection is not a prerequisite for being amazing.  You are not perfect (see Romans 3:23), but neither is any other person.  Here is some good news about imperfection.  You can have an impact on people’s lives, you can explore the world around you, you can make someone’s day a little bit brighter, and you can develop innovative solutions to challenging problems all while being imperfect.

I challenge you to spend some time reflecting on how God has worked in you to yield a pretty cool outcome.  (I’ll let you each define “pretty cool” for yourself.)  Also, note that the Bible is filled with examples of imperfect people being used to do pretty cool things.

Guess what?  God used you, as an imperfect person, to be amazing.  If He did it before, He can do it again.

At a time when it is very tempting to compare yourself to others in order to determine your level of “success,” I encourage you to turn to God.

Here’s the bottom line.  Don’t accept complacency.  Continue to grow and learn, but take a moment to remember that God made you.  (Actually, you should take many moments throughout life to reflect on this point.)  Not only did God make you, but He did so on purpose and with a purpose. Recognize that you may not meet someone’s definition of success, but also that the “someone” who defined “success” is imperfect themselves.  God loves you.  You’ve done some pretty cool things in life thus far.  And as you continue to grow in God, you’re going to see some more pretty cool things unfold.

It’s the imperfect folks that (through God) have done amazing things.  So, you’re in good company.

Blessings and Love (from imperfect person to another),
Purpose Over Fear

2016 copyright by PurposeOverFear

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