Pep Talk Wednesday: Busyness

Welcome back for Week 2 of Pep Talk Wednesdays!  This week’s topic is busyness.

Here’s the bottom line.  Don’t be too busy for life.  Take time to notice the world around you, the architecture of the buildings near you, the people on your commute, the things changing around you, and other aspects of life.

Challenge for the Rest of the Week (and Beyond): Do you remember when you declared that you wanted to do something, but didn’t do it because life got too busy? Well, now is the time.  You don’t have to accomplish a whole goal in one day, but be intentional about doing something that you’re interested in that you haven’t done for a while (or ever).  Salsa dance for an hour, knit that hat, read that book, go ice skating for the first time, research how to start that nonprofit, etc.  Whatever it is, no matter how seemingly small or big, get back to doing something (or start something new) that busyness made you set aside.

We get one life.  Live in the present.  There is a way to be productive and fulfilled without being too busy to live the life God gave us.

Blessings and Love,
Purpose Over Fear

2016 copyright by PurposeOverFear

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