Are You Trying to Edit a Perfect Plan?

God’s Plan = The Perfect Plan

You Have a Purpose…

Have you ever listened to a dancer explain the artistry, storytelling, and movement behind their dance? Have you had a conversation with a teacher who affectionately refers to her students as her kids while bragging on their latest accomplishments in the classroom? When someone is walking in their calling, the passion they have for it is undeniable. You can see a difference in their walk and their attitude when they are operating in their calling. Why? Because they were made to do it.

…But Your Calling is Not to Be Someone Else. Continue reading

Turns Out God’s Plans Are Better

My Plans

Since I was a child, I had my life figured out.  Why?  Because I’m a planner.  I knew what college I would go to, what career I was going to have, and where I was going to work.  I was very clear about what the rest of my life would look like.

Spoiler Alert: My plans and my reality did not always agree.  What I learned was that God had a much better plan for my life than the one I put together years ago. Continue reading