Are You Trying to Edit a Perfect Plan?

God’s Plan = The Perfect Plan

You Have a Purpose…

Have you ever listened to a dancer explain the artistry, storytelling, and movement behind their dance? Have you had a conversation with a teacher who affectionately refers to her students as her kids while bragging on their latest accomplishments in the classroom? When someone is walking in their calling, the passion they have for it is undeniable. You can see a difference in their walk and their attitude when they are operating in their calling. Why? Because they were made to do it.

…But Your Calling is Not to Be Someone Else.

God created each one of you for a purpose. Whether it is dance, education, or something else, only you can and will walk the exact journey that you do. God has given you specific interests and passions, and has equipped you with special gifts to walk in your calling.

Reality Check: God knows all. We may think we know everything, but only God really does know everything. Plus, God knows how every step He leads you to take is necessary, how every twist and turn is essential, and how your tailor-made journey will unfold just as it should.

The temptation is to allow a fear of the unknown to be the basis for a premature reaction that leads to doubt and a deflation of our confidence. It may even cause us to question places God is trying to take us because we are unsure we are even qualified to be there. We may doubt we can live up to the challenge but God loves each one of us. He is a protector, He is all knowing, and He is mighty. If He is leading you somewhere, know that He has equipped you to handle it.

Life Lesson: When God speaks, moves, and/or directs you to do something, obey Him. No hesitations. Do not try to edit God’s instructions and His calling over your life to fit your limited view of what you perceive may be better for you.

Don’t let what you know (in comparison to how much more God knows) and what you can see in the moment artificially limit you. Allow God to order your steps, and step in obedience to Him. God may take you on an unexpected turn as you walk in your calling.   When that happens (because it will), that’s great because God knows all and sees all. You’re in the best hands with God leading you.

Enjoy your journey.  God already worked things out before you even began your journey. Your neighbor’s calling is for your neighbor. You have your own calling. Walk in that calling, and don’t tiptoe around your purpose.

Copyright 2015 by purposeoverfear

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