With Life Comes Lessons


One of the many lessons life taught me.

There are so many lessons to learn.  Sometimes you need to hear a lesson more than once before you really start applying it to your life.

I am grateful for the lessons that life, my family, and my friends have taught me.  Here are a few things that I learned throughout the years:

  1. Go all in.  In other words, do not just put forth a partial effort into doing something.  If it is worth you doing it, then it is worth you giving it your all.
  2. When you think you have done enough, do some more.  This is very closely related to the lesson of “Go all in.”
  3. Respect others.  I mean really respect others not just with your words, but also with your actions.
  4. Sacrifice and struggle are real, but your journey does not end there.  The sacrifices and challenges in your life are a part of a story that you get the opportunity to tell.  Keep going.  Life is a journey and has so much to offer.
  5. Use your words.  The best way to communicate is to say exactly what you mean.
  6. “…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”  Well, this one is the second half of Psalm 30:5.  So really the Bible taught me this one.  Life just made sure that I really understood the meaning of the words.
  7. Take care of yourself.  Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act.  If you run out of steam, it becomes very difficult to help others.
  8. Live life now.  Stop putting your life on hold until you feel things are perfect.  Life is meant to live.  Your goal should not be to just try to make it to Friday because the weekend is the only time you feel joy.  Make it a point to live life each day.  Each day may not be filled with what you expect, but there is so much beauty and opportunity in each day that God allows you to experience.  What are you waiting for?  Actually, don’t answer that last question because it just invites excuses.

What lessons have you learned in life?  Share them in the comment section below.

Blessings and Love,
Purpose Over Fear

Copyright 2016 by purposeoverfear

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