Testimony Time: God is Always On Time

I thank God for the season I’m coming out of and the completion of an assignment He put me on for the last several years. As I enter this new season, I’m so grateful for the growth, love, prayers, and challenges. Here’s to this new season. God knew what He was doing and exactly what I needed in order to walk into this new assignment at this very moment.

God is beyond good. #Excited #Prayerful #Excited

Here is something God reminded me of during this last season: Whatever God promised you, it’s on the way. God is preparing you right now to fully receive the promise in His perfect timing. Your prayers? He hears you. Your fears? He knows about them and you should talk to God about them. (Also, take a look at Joshua 1:9.)  Your tears? They don’t go unnoticed by God. Those opportunities that seem to be passing you by? They might not be for you because God has something greater on its way to you.  Those closed doors would just be a distraction from the real promise if they were open at that very moment.

Whether it’s moments, months, or years into a journey, God’s promise to you is in the works and it WILL happen.  Stay prayerful whether you are going through or coming out of a journey or an assignment.  Prayers are always relevant and necessary.

Blessings and Love,
Purpose Over Fear

Copyright 2016 by purposeoverfear

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