Confidence…or Lack Thereof

This is a message to those who have ever been in a room, looked around, and felt that you were not good enough or qualified enough to be there.  This is a reminder for those who have ever felt unimportant, voiceless, and dismissed because someone tried to dismantle your confidence.  There is good news.

Let’s take a look at confidence.  Really it is the issue of a lack of confidence. It is very easy, and frankly very tempting, to define your importance (or perceived lack of importance) in a room based on your age, education, number of “accomplishments,” and title as they compare to others in the room. It can be highly frustrating to have others repeatedly try to disrespect and dismiss you because you don’t measure up to THEIR ideas of “prestige” or “success” or even because you are “too young” or because your cultural or racial background is not like anyone else in the room.

Remember it was God (and God alone) who qualified and positioned you to be where you are. God knows you, so He was fully aware of your age, education, etc. when He chose and placed you to be where you are today. Others in the room may want to treat you like you’re “itty bitty” and as though you have little to nothing to contribute. Remember God positioned you where you are for a purpose. You have some incredible things to offer and your “credentials” don’t need to match up to the “credentials” of those around you to validate the value you bring to where you are. New perspectives often lead to new and innovative ideas. Hold your head up high, but stay humble. You are more valuable than your confidence level may lead you to believe right now.

I encourage you to place your trust in God and allow your confidence (not arrogance) to grow through your relationship with God. No one is perfect, so mistakes will be made. But remember the foundation you stand on. God is your father. God is perfect and never fails.  Plus, the same God who made the heavens and earth is the same God who deliberately chose you and positioned you in that place of purpose.

You are not better than anyone else, which also means no one else is better than you.  God gives us different gifts, experiences, and assignments.  Let’s come together and use what we each have for the glory of God.

Blessings and Love,
Purpose Over Fear

2016 copyright by PurposeOverFear

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