Beyond the Four Walls: What Do We Do With God Outside of Church Service?


On Sundays (or Saturdays) many venture to a building or a designated place to collectively worship and praise God.  We hear the preacher deliver a mighty sermon that leaves us inspired and encouraged to leave the four walls of the building ready to make a change in our lives, and ready to share the goodness of God with others.  However, we walk outside of those four walls and sometimes fall back into our same habits and routines.  The inspiration we received from the sermon sometimes takes a backseat.  We meant to tell others about the sermon we heard and apply the sermon to our lives at least for the week, but didn’t necessarily take the time to do so.

I have been thinking about several related questions for a while.  What does it look like to more effectively take ministry beyond the church building?  What are ways we can share God’s love with others outside of our comfort zone? How do we make more genuine connections with strangers/new people?  Are there times when we are defining “community” too narrowly?  Is that even possible?

Let’s start from closer to the beginning.  Three questions.

  1. What are we doing with the sermons we hear each week?
  2. How are we actively sharing God’s word outside of church service?
  3. How are we actively and intentionally showing God’s love to others on a daily basis?

As you head to (or leave) church service, think about the above questions.  This is only the beginning of the conversation.

Blessings and Love,

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