Where Is My Break?


I wanted the breakthrough (i.e. that period of time after God brought me out of a tough season) to be easy.  Well, maybe not easy, but at least easier.  After all, the journey I just came out of wasn’t easy.  It was a difficult season and it lasted years.  When God brought me through it, I wanted to enter a period of “easiness” not because I was lazy, but because I felt I needed a break.  God gave me rest, but I wanted more.

What actually happened?  The breakthrough was harder than I thought it would be.  I remained excited for all the goodness God was pouring into my life and all the favor He was showing me.  However, there were some who (metaphorically) hurled rocks at me.  Where was my break from all of this?

Fast forward to the good news.  God didn’t leave me once.  He was right there shielding me from the rocks and dealing with the rocks aimed directly at me.  (Again, I’m talking about metaphoric rocks.)  There were some long nights, but I was fine.  God did exactly what He promised He would do.  God took me through the incredible breakthrough into a new and exciting journey.

The lesson in all of this…
Not everyone is going to want to see you happy and walking in the promise God gave you.  They will try their best to frustrate you, distract you, and stop you from getting to the promise God gave you.  Here’s some more good news.  It doesn’t matter what they try because they aren’t God.  God promised it and it will happen.

So to those coming out of a rough season and who are facing some frustrations during your period of breakthrough, be encouraged.  God didn’t go anywhere.  He’s there.  Hold your head up, let God work, and keep praying.

I was “seeking promotion without process,” (words from a preacher’s sermon recently).  The journey God was (and still is) taking me on requires work.  It is a process designed to build me up.  God knows when to give me rest, and I gladly accept those times.  However, there is work to be done and step by step, I proceed in the process God has for me.

Blessings and Love,
Purpose Over Fear

2016 copyright by PurposeOverFear

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