Monthly Archives: July 2016

Where Is My Break?


I wanted the breakthrough (i.e. that period of time after God brought me out of a tough season) to be easy.  Well, maybe not easy, but at least easier.  After all, the journey I just came out of wasn’t easy.  It was a difficult season and it lasted years.  When God brought me through it, I wanted to enter a period of “easiness” not because I was lazy, but because I felt I needed a break.  God gave me rest, but I wanted more.

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Growth: Faith and Relationship Edition


There comes a point in your life when you stop trying to impress others with a fictitious version of yourself.  You realize that God has made you incredibly special just as you are.  You are not perfect, but no one is.  You are constantly growing, but so should everyone else.  We are all a work in progress.

What led me to this realization?  Life.  Experiences.  Time.

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Love is Powerful and Necessary


There continues to be a lot going on in the world.  Something that is always needed is love.  Love has the ability to inspire breakthroughs, redefine moods, change situations, and transcend boundaries.

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Testimony Time: God is Always On Time

I thank God for the season I’m coming out of and the completion of an assignment He put me on for the last several years. As I enter this new season, I’m so grateful for the growth, love, prayers, and challenges. Here’s to this new season. God knew what He was doing and exactly what I needed in order to walk into this new assignment at this very moment.

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