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Pep Talk Wednesday: Giving Thanks for 2016



Welcome back for Week 4 of Pep Talk Wednesdays! This week’s topic is about giving thanks for 2016.

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Pep Talk Wednesday: God is in Control

Welcome back for Week 3 of Pep Talk Wednesdays!  This week’s topic is: God is in Control.

Think about the following:

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Pep Talk Wednesday: Busyness

Welcome back for Week 2 of Pep Talk Wednesdays!  This week’s topic is busyness.

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Pep Talk Wednesday: Imperfectly Amazing

Today’s pep talk is about being imperfectly amazing.  So, here goes…

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Pep Talk Wednesdays – December 7, 2016 to December 28, 2016

Every Wednesday this month, check out and for a midweek pep talk.

See you soon!

Confidence…or Lack Thereof

This is a message to those who have ever been in a room, looked around, and felt that you were not good enough or qualified enough to be there.  This is a reminder for those who have ever felt unimportant, voiceless, and dismissed because someone tried to dismantle your confidence.  There is good news.

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